About the Company

Collage dance Collective works to provide outstanding classical training regardless of socioeconomic background and to inspire the growth of ballet by showcasing a repertoire of relevant choreography and world-class dancers representative of our community.

Officially incorporated in 2006, Collage dance Collec­tive received rave reviews for its 2007 national debut at the Lyric Opera House in Kansas City, Missouri. The performance was made possible, in part, by a gener­ous grant from the Muriel McBrien Kauffman Founda­tion, through one of the largest awards ever given to an out-of state dance company. Since its debut, the company has also performed in Vermont, Michigan, New York, Massachusetts, Mississippi and Tennessee.

The company relocated to Memphis in 2007 to take part in the city’s exciting artistic renaissance and to fulfill its mission of extending the reach of outstanding classical ballet training. The Collage Ballet School was officially launched in September 2009 with the mission of making outstanding ballet instruction more widely accessible. The co-directors believe Memphis is the perfect home to develop young dancers due to the city’s rich diversity and unparalleled commitment to the arts.

The professional company has presented three-full length seasons in Memphis with annual spring, fall and winter concerts. Collage’s audience represents a cross-section of ages, races and socio-economic back­grounds. Committed to reaching non-traditional bal­let audiences, approximately 50% of attendees state that they have never attended a ballet performance.

Since the inception of the ballet school in September 2009, Collage has trained over 400 students. Through partnerships with various area schools, Collage cur­rently trains over 185 inner city students, many of whom were first exposed to ballet through the pro­gram. In three years, Collage has developed one of the Mid-South’s largest ballet programs for boys, providing positive life training for young men.

Collage believes that participation in the arts enriches communities and is critical to economic and social development. The company works to increase access to outstanding ballet training, increase diversity on professional ballet stages and increase participation by people of color at ballet and other fine arts events.