Our Philosophy


The Collage Ballet Conservatory was established in September 2009 with the mission of making outstanding ballet instruction more widely accessible. Collage’s co-founders believe Memphis is the perfect home to develop young dancers due to the city’s depth of talent and strong commitment to the arts.

The Collage Ballet Conservatory utilizes a unified curriculum inspired by various classical techniques, including Cechetti, Vaganova, Paris Opera and Balanchine. The conservatory’s unified curriculum coupled with a rigorous culture of excellence, hard work and high standards, provides students with a first-rate experience. Students at Collage are challenged, nurtured and prepared for the rigors of a professional career on or off the stage. The Conservatory welcomes students of all backgrounds and races and is proactive in its efforts to engage students of color in an effort to address the racial inequity in classical ballet.


Students enrolled in ballet programs learn the importance of dedication and commitment; they acquire the focus necessary to excel in their academic studies; they learn to push through the boredom of repetition to reach the excitement of mastery; and they ultimately learn the rewards of discipline and sacrifice. In the process, they develop an affinity for art and culture, which expands their world view.

These lessons need to reach our most vulnerable young people and help them create self-esteem and personal worth. Serious ballet training creates children with resilient spirits, enabling them to overcome challenges and achieve success.