Each ONE of us has a responsibility for the safety and wellbeing of our collective community

Collage is proud to be a part of your village, and we take that role seriously.  We know the importance of arts education and creative outlets for young people’s emotional, spiritual, and mental wellbeing.  We also know that the coronavirus is disproportionately impacting our communities, so we must be extra vigilant in our efforts to minimize risk.  We have developed a plan in concert with public health guidance, our colleagues in the field and infectious disease professionals, to reopen safely and minimize risk.  The success of our plan is dependent on the successful collaboration with our parents and our collective participation and cooperation as we navigate how we administer our programs in these unprecedented times.

Together, we can do it!  We appreciate you taking the time to review this reopening guide thoroughly.  This guide is intended to be a dynamic document and may change as new guidance becomes available.  If anything in this guide is unclear, please contact Marcellus Harper at 901-800-1873 or for additional clarification.


What We Have Done​

Collage was in the middle of construction on its brand new 22,000 square foot facility when the pandemic hit us in March.  This has caused us tremendous challenges, but one of the benefits was that we were able to change many of the design elements of the new building to address COVID-19.  For example, we added new air filtration technology to kill viruses and pathogens in the air, touchless restrooms and common spaces to minimize transmission risks and a state of the art audio visual package that will allow us to offer virtual classes to ensure minimal interruptions in our young people’s training.  Also, our new building is roughly 10x the size of our current space providing us with the space to effectively social distance. 
  1. Smaller class sizes. Each ballet class will be capped between 10-15 students depending on age and studio size.  No class will be larger than 15 students.
  2. RTU Ionizers. Collage has added RTU ionizers in our HVAC systems.  This technology kills pathogens and viruses in the air and helps ensure circulated air is safe.
  3. Contact-less restrooms. We have minimized touch points in all restrooms with automatic toilets, sinks, soap dispensers and paper towel dispensers.
  4. Staggered class times to minimize congestion and allow time for sanitation of studio high touch spots/areas. Please see updated schedule
  5. Instituted a fully hybrid class model for the 2020-21 term to accommodate both in-person instruction and virtual learning. Each studio has been outfitted with the latest audio-visual technology and low voltage cabling to improve the effectiveness of our virtual instruction.
  6. Increased sanitation of high-touch areas and daily professional cleaning of the facility.  The brand-new furniture package features materials and fabrics that can be cleaned with a hospital grade disinfectant.
  7. Expanded our foot print significantly with the new building to allow for effective social distancing.
  8. Developed a strict entrance and exit strategy to minimize congestion.


In addition to Collage’s efforts to keep our community safe, you play a major role in the safety of our community.  The following list represents our expectations of you.
  1. Dancers who are not feeling well or exhibit cold or flu symptoms should attend classes virtually for 14 days after symptoms have stopped or with the clearance of a doctor’s note.
  2. If anyone in the dancer’s household is not feeling well (for example, mom, dad or baby brother has a fever), we ask that out of an abundance of caution you attend virtual classes for 14 days even if the dancer develops no symptoms.
  3. Dancers who travel out of the greater Memphis area by airplane should attend virtual classes for 14 days following their return.
  4. Dancers who attend family or social gatherings (funerals, weddings, reunions, cookouts, etc.) during the dance season should not attend in-person classes for 14 days following the event. This also includes any public social event where social distancing is not feasible.
  5. If you test positive for COVID-19 or come into contact with someone who has, we ask that you do not come to the studio for 14 days and until you can produce a negative COVID test.
  6. If you test positive after coming to class, contact us immediately. This way, we can notify anyone else who was potentially exposed to help trace and contain any potential outbreaks.  Your identity will not be disclosed to the Collage community.
  7. Dancers who are in a high risk category as defined by the CDC, live with family members who are immuno suppressed or in a high risk group or over age 70, are encouraged to participate in classes virtually.

Sanitation & Cleanliness​

Collage will follow strict cleaning and sanitation protocols to keep our environment safe and minimize risk of COVID transmission. Please review the CDC’s guidelines on how you can protect yourself and discuss with your dancer.





If A Student has signs or symptoms of COVID-19



Collage will respect the privacy and confidentiality of any student who reports an illness. Please be aware that due to the seriousness of exposure to the novel coronavirus/COVID-19, Collage may need to inform others who came in close proximity to an infected student, without identifying the student by name. Collage also may be required to notify governmental authorities

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