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Make Dreams Come True Collage is building a new state-of-the-art home, the largest facility and community campus of its kind in the region. It will break barriers and change lives. Opening in late 2020, it will stand as a beacon of hope for how a ballet company, and a community, can embrace all people while celebrating people of color. Will you join us? Watch Video

It is important to dream beyond this pandemic, now more than ever. For a limited time only, we are sharing an evolving collection of inspiring content that matters to our community. Get to know our company members, see Collage performances and learn about our progress towards building our new Center, in the heart of Memphis and in the midst of this moment. At Collage, we are working to be what our community needs now and to lend our voice and our vision to what it could become.

  • “They are Beautiful Performers, and you can really tell that they genuinely love what they are doing up there. The story telling was phenomenal!”
    Catherine W.
  • “My sister and I saw Collage Dance Collective today at the Temple Theatre. It was incredible. It was exquisite; I'm still feeling the emotions they elicited from their moving performances. I was blown away.”
    Laura W.
  • "Phenomenal!!!! I attended Enchanted 2017. I will never miss another show."

    Constance T.
  • “Our family, including 2- and 4-year-old granddaughters, were riveted by the elegance, superb artistry and powerful message of this performance.”
    Culli D.
  • “Remarkable, outstanding in magnitude, worthy of notice, extraordinary and very prominent. The dancers and director were very professional, gracious and a delight to work with.”

    Marilyn CavallariExecutive Director, Ballet Manchester, Southern Vermont Arts Center
  • "The definition of happy & proud? The arts humble, challenge & unite us beyond ideology. Support them plz."
    Kirk Whalum
  • “Dwight Rhoden’s choreography was flawless as were the performances. These incredibly sculpted and fine-tuned bodies moved with such emotional intensity and clarity that the audience was left speechless.”

    Michelle ParkinsExecutive Director, Tennessee Association of Dance
  • "They will see classically-trained dancers with beautiful lines who are lyrical, powerful movers and who are all of color."

    Kevin ThomasArtistic Director, Collage Dance Collective
  • “Their most recent show featured works ranging from Sir Frederick Ashton to Kevin Iega Jeff, and the company deftly and convincingly performed each…their audiences are growing ever more attracted to the excellent artistic standards, athleticism and technical prowess of these world-class dancers.”

    Cindi YounkerDirector, Buckman Arts Center
  • "Extraordinary compelling performance of "Bridge Over Troubled Waters" that seemed to lift the issues of protecting our youth, and black males particularly, to new heights."
    Susanne J.

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